Regular Pool Servicing

PoolServ’s Regular Pool Service delivers high quality, care and integrity.

It is in our best interests that your pool looks fantastic and stays that way after we have serviced it. We have an eye for detail when it comes to servicing your pool, as well as cleaning it, scooping leaves and vacuuming the floor, we make sure the water quality is good and the pool is safe to swim in as well as checking for algae and the general condition of the pool and equipment.

Our regular monthly pool service of your pool or spa includes;

Leaf Scoop: We scoop any debris, leaves and insects from the surface of your pool using a special super fine net.

Vacuum: We set up our vacuum equipment to your skimmer box and completely vacuum the floor and steps of your pool.

Filter Cleaning: If the water pressure is low then we will remove the filter cartridge to inspect it, and then jet clean it if needed.

Sand Filter Backwash: if the water pressure is low then will backwash the sand filter and then rinse.

Baskets Emptied: We will check the filter baskets in both the skimmer box & water pump, and empty any debris or leaves that may be in them.

Chlorinator Cell Cleaned: If your system has a chlorinator cell, we will check and inspect that the cell is free of calcium build up and gunk, and if its not then we will remove it and clean it with a special solution of hydrochloric acid.

Timers Set and Adjusted: If you have a chlorinator or direct liquid chemical feed system, then we will check the time clock and timer settings for the season and adjust to the correct seasonal settings if needed.

Full Equipment Check Up: As part of our service we check all your equipment each month to make sure everything is working as it should and if we detect any defects we will inform you straight away, this includes the pool its self, skimmer box, pump, filter, chlorinator or other sanitation system, pipework, water features, valves and any other part that could fail and cause problems.

Professional Water Testing: We check all the important elements and chemicals in your pool water, this includes: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Water Hardness,Stabiliser, Salt Level, Phosphates.

Chemical Balancing: After we have checked and tested the pool water and all the chemicals, if that pool is in need of anything to bring the balances back to normal then we will add the necessary chemicals. These balance chemicals are included in our service price.

(Standard service inclusions do not include salt, phosphate removers or algae/green pool treatments. Please contact us for more information)

If the pool has problems and needs any special treatments or unique chemicals, then we will inform you beforehand for your approval.

Our Aim is to Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkling and Safe All Year Round with our professional monthly service.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the fantastic results we achieve.

PoolServ has serviced thousands of pools and we always get fantastic results