Pool Service Deal

Get a Top Quality Pool Service, Including Chemicals!


This is The Best Value Pool Servicing Deal in Your Local Area.

Yes! Get a Top Quality Pool Service, Clean & Chemical Balance.

If Your Pool Does Need Chemicals, They Are Included in the Price, YAY!

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Non Member One Off Pool Service Price $99

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As Part of the PoolServ Membership Club for Just $75 Per Month.

Service Inclusions

  • Visual inspection of pool and equipment
  • Water chemical test (Total Chlorine, pH, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Water Hardness, Stabiliser)
  • Salt test
  • Phosphates test
  • Water particles test
  • Water line brush scrub
  • Minor algae scrub
  • Scoop of leaves and debris off the surface
  • Vacuum of pool floor & steps
  • Sand filter backwash
  • Element filter clean
  • Salt cell acid cleaned
  • Skimmer box basket emptied
  • Water Pump basket emptied
  • Full system check
  • Chlorinator Timers checked and adjusted if needed
  • Rubber seals or O-Rings silicone greased if needed

Inclusions (Chemicals as Required)

  • Liquid Chlorine (Sanitation for the water) (Max 1 litre per visit)
  • Pool Acid (Lowers pH) (Max 1 litre per visit)
  • Soda Ash (Increases pH) (Max 500g per visit)
  • Granulated Chlorine (Sanitation for the water)(Max 500g per visit)
  • Alkalinity Increaser (Buffer) (Max 500g per visit)
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabiliser) (Max 500g per visit)
  • Water Clarifier (Clears cloudy water) (Max 1 litre per visit)
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser (Increases Water Hardness) (Max 500g per visit)
  • Basic Algaecide (Max 1 Litre per visit)

Extras (we charge extra for)

  • Bags of Salt
  • Black Spot Algae Killer Treatment
  • Flocculant Treatment
  • Heavy Duty Algaecide Treatment
  • Phosphates Removal Treatment
  • Green Pool Recovery Treatment
  • Stain Removal Treatment
  • Floc & 2 Visits Treatment
  • Calcium Decreaser Treatment

Terms & Conditions Apply


  • The PoolServ deal covers areas north of the river, Perth.
  • If in doubt of your area then please contact us.
  • We will soon be covering south of the river, so please keep a look out.
  • The Included Chemicals Deal does not cover Green Pools or Major Cleans.
  • Green Pools and Wall/Floor Algae require special treatments, please contact us for more details.
  • Pools that have major dirt, algae or sand in there is NOT covered under this deal and may need a “Floc” treatment. We will notify you of this extra cost before starting any work.
  • If the pool has phosphates in there, then this requires a “Phosphates Removal Treatment” which is charged extra.
  • Bags of salt are not classed as chemicals and are not included in the deal, we charge extra for salt if needed.
  • If any chargeable extra’s are needed, we will first get your permission before adding anything.
  • New and Non regular customers are subject to approval and charged accordingly.

PoolServ has serviced thousands of pools and we always get fantastic results