New Pool Clarifier Treatments Available From PoolServ – See The Clear Difference

Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Pool Clarifier 1L

Boasting a unique, concentrated polymer resin Miraclear Liquid provides amazing results in a matter of hours.

Features and Benefits

– Unquire polymer formulation

– Effective clarifier, which can be used with all pool systems and surfaces

– Will not affect pool balance

– Upto 20% stronger than other brands !

– Non toxic and non irritating formula

– Improves filter efficiency

– Excellent sand filter conditioner

– Can clear cloudy water in 8 hours

Dosage Rate

– 500mls will treat 50,000l

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PoolServ has serviced thousands of pools and we always get fantastic results, so please take a look at just some of the pools we have cleaned and brought back to perfect condition in the Perth Region and North of the River.