PoolServ Membership Club

Welcome to the PoolServ Membership Club

Become a PoolServ member and reap all the
benefits we have to offer.

As a PoolServ Club member, you get full use of the PoolServ membership benefits for just $75 Per Month.

This includes a regular monthly pool service, clean and chemical balance with flexibility on booking days to suit you.

Also, as a club member, you get to use the PoolServ Included Chemicals Pool Service Deal and all its inclusions – Click to see our Pool Service Deal.

You also get access to our news feed, huge discounts on treatments and equipment, and much more.

Benefits to Our Club Members:

  • Just $75 Monthly Membership Price.
  • Included Discounted Regular Full Pool Service.
  • Huge Discounts on System Equipment inc Chlorinators, Pool Pumps, Filters and Pool Heaters.
  • Set Discounts on All Pool Treatments, Green Pools and Repairs.
  • Latest News on New Equipment and Special Offers.
  • CashBack Deals on Major Equipment.
  • Constant Help, Advice, Tips and Support for Members and Their Pools.
  • Peace of Mind on Price and Loyalty.

Terms and Conditions:

A monthly ongoing direct debit of $75 is set up to PoolServ®

For new customers/members to PoolServ, the first Pool Service is $99. If the member cancels the membership and then restarts in the future, the first service fee of $99 will start again to rejoin.

A flexible non lock-in agreement is arranged for the new member. You can cancel at anytime, but this has a 30 day wait cancellation period.

Once signed up to the membership agreement, we book in your pool service each month with the flexibility that suits you. But there is a minimum of 30 days between pool services.

We charge extra for additional visits between the recommended 30-day service period if needed. This can be arranged with PoolServ as and when.

We charge extra for salt or additional extras inc special treatments, but we do not add anything extra until we first get permission from the customer. There is a member’s discount on any extras.

Any extra charges for additional services, special treatments and products that the customer incurs will be invoiced to the customer by email.

PoolServ has serviced thousands of pools and we always get fantastic results