Learn how to be a pool service man or woman with PoolServ’s easy to learn step-by-step training courses. Learn pool testing and maintenance so you can work for yourself and even start your own business in this lucrative industry.

If you want to work self employed and learn how to start a business, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a great opportunity to tap into the huge pool cleaning services industry in Australia and earn a consistent recurring income every month.

All on-line with the help and support there if needed, you will find the easy to follow modules a breeze. Plus you get a complete audio version to read along and also detailed practical videos to watch all included.

If you are not happy in your current job or career, this is an excellent opportunity to learn something new. Break away from that same old 9-to-5 and get the freedom you deserve to work for yourself.

Do the work you enjoy doing.

The hours to want to do, when you want.

Earn 100% of the money for yourself, not for someone else.

And most important, The Freedom!


With over 1.2 million pools Australia wide, the pool service industry is thriving. Pool servicing in Australia is valued at over $1 billion.

At PoolServ®, we have been training aspiring pool service providers create a successful pool service business plan. After years of serving in the industry, we know what it takes to make your pool service business a source of consistent income and hit 6 figures per year.

By creating the PoolServ® Pool Service Training Course, it’s allowed us to enhance our reach so we can help aspiring individuals have the freedom to work for themselves.

Is the pool maintenance business the right business for you?

Why Pool Servicing Business?

Hundreds of thousands of pool owners need help to keep their pools swim-ready.

Hundreds of thousands of pool owners throughout Australia find it challenging to keep their pools clean, hygienic and swim-ready. Whether it’s a busy lifestyle, demanding careers, or concerns about getting it right, they need help to keep their pools in top condition.

Pool owner wish to spend less time working on their pools and more time enjoying them.

As the housing market continues to improve, more Australian poolowners than ever are looking to spend less time working on their pool and more time enjoying it with their families. 

Swimming pools are deeply connected with Australian culture.

By providing spa and swimming pool services, you/your pool servicing business will have the unique chance to do something that connects you to more and more people. You will meet new homeowners who love their pools and will appreciate your pool services. 

Pool owners are ready to hire. Are you ready?

Pool owners are ready to put their pool care into the hands of professional, cost-effective, affordable, and knowledgeable pool service business technicians. 

Now is the time to start pool servicing training in Australia to develop your Australian pool maintenance business.



  • Experienced pool technical expert as your mentor. 
  • Significant, successful pool servicing business setup, marketing and management. 
  • Complete detailed training course with option audio version. 
  • Access to a series of pool service training videos
  • Marketing support for all pool servicing students.
  • Proven successful pool maintenance business plan. 
  • Hands-on practical training (in the Perth area only, at real customers pools.) 
  • Support and advice after you have completed the course and training.



All you need is your commitment to yourself to start training for your pool service business and uphold Australian pool industry standards of professional and effective service that your customers will expect.

After years of hands-on experience in pool training and helping poolwomen and poolmen, I have designed pool courses to cover every training aspect of your pool service business. In this pool maintenance training program, I don’t just train you to learn about pool services, I coach you to become a successful brand and position yourself as a reliable, leading local pool business in your area of Australia. 


✅ Proven business plan that doesn’t leave any guesswork for you.

✅ Successful startup model that helps you lower your pool business set-up costs.

✅ Recurring revenue model that helps you earn consistent income.

✅ Strong branding strategy that helps you stand out among others.

✅ Comprehensive pool training course program to become an expert in no time.

✅ Hands-on practical training with an expert at real customers pools.

✅ Operational support to help you get steady on your feet.

✅ Pool business marketing resources to find new and recurring clients.

✅ Sales strategies to win every negotiation and close deals successfully.

That’s why the PoolServ® Australian pool training course is not just a course. It is a game-changer in the pool services Australia wide. Curated keeping your success in mind, it helps pool service providers meet demands with a professional business model and appealing brand that earns trust and wins loyal customers by giving good service and value for money.

Who is the pool training course for?

  • For anyone passionate about starting their own small business in Australia.
  • For someone completely new to pool servicing, or an existing pool service man or woman who wishes to gain the professional support of a well-branded company.
  • For people looking for a business plan that can help them leave their 9 to 5 jobs and be their own boss



Whether you are male or female, new to pool services or a skilled technician.

This pool maintenance training course will help you become an expert pool technician and start your pool service business successfully. 

A swimming pool service technician (known colloquially as a pool man or pool guy, male or female) is a tradesperson who maintains and cleans swimming pools, tests and balances chemicals, and services major pool equipment such as pumps, chlorinators, and filters. 


In this pool services training program you will learn:

A-to-Z—Everything you need to know about pool care to get started.
Technical training to provide professional pool services.
Business model and strategy to start your pool services business.
Sales training and marketing resources to land clients.

This training course contains:
* 33 Course modules.
* Audio & visual versions of the course.
* Practical and hands-on videos.

PLUS * Hands-on practical training

This pool services course comes with the options of ongoing online support, Zoom or phone calls while you build experience and confidence in the industry.


PoolServ® doesn’t just train you to provide the pool services, it demonstrates the know-how and framework to make your business a success. From practical training to ongoing support, we have got you covered, so you…

* Don’t make the same mistakes most new businesses make.
* Have a clear vision for your business’s growth and success.
* Continue to scale and earn consistently.
* Don’t worry when you face a problem or pitfall.
* Always have professional help to keep you going.

    In short, when you join the PoolServ® training programs, you don’t just become a Pool Service Provider, you become a thriving Australian pool services business.

    Are you ready to take the big leap and start your Pool Service Business with PoolServ?

    Then let’s get started.

    Scroll down and Complete a course enrolment inquiry Form. 


    P.S. I understand taking the first step is scary. You can book a phone call with me with full confidence that there are no strings attached. 

    To start your training course and receive all the benefits of the membership, simply complete and return the training course enrolment inquiry form.



    For a thriving pool service business, you need ongoing professional support. The Ongoing Support Membership Business Club gives you the unique opportunity to become a part of an exclusive business membership club for constant pool services business support, help and advice.


    Available as an optional extra, you will get:

    * Ongoing support and help for your pool service work.
    * Accountability check to keep you going.
    * Business insights to help you scale constantly.
    * Online statistical analyisis reporting of your business KPIs.
    * Answers to all your confusion and queries.
    * Help for resolving any problems.
    * A one-hour phone call or zoom calls per month to discuss your progress and to help with any difficulties.
    * Support by email or facetime anytime for advice and inquiries.


    The membership club holds huge value as it sets your pool business apart from others. Compared to other new businesses, you will have the edge of continuous expert support to keep your business flourishing.

    The membership club is exclusive to our pool services course trainees and course buyers. 

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    Darren PoolServ

    I am Darren Heath, Owner of PoolServ®

    I’ve always had a good mechanical aptitude and a great mind for business. Most importantly, I learn fast and grab good opportunities when they come along. In 2002, I started my first business in the U.K., at the age of 28. This was sourcing and selling used car parts on the internet all over Europe. The business went well, and I grew it to be successful over the next 12 years.

    In 2014, I emigrated to Australia where I thought it would be a good idea just to get a regular job. This turned out to be a terrible idea. 2 years and many jobs later, I came to realize that I could not work as an employee, especially after working for myself for the last 12 years.

    In 2016, I met a pool man who had his own pool services business for almost 20 years but was about to retire. Before he moved to Europe, he wanted to teach someone everything he knew. This was an amazing opportunity for me to learn a new skill and start my own successful pool servicing business.

    After learning everything, I started my own business. I sold my luxury car to buy a van and the equipment I needed. But I didn’t stop there.

    I studied the industry, learned more about pools and equipment, learned marketing, business strategy, sales, bookkeeping and much more. In 12 months, I turned it into a registered pty ltd company and Australian trademark.

    Today, I am proud to say that PoolServ® is not just a business, it’s a brand. In addition to regular pool servicing, pool cleaning, chemical testing/balance, it also supplies and installs a wide range of pool equipment throughout the Perth region.

    Over these 5 years, my passion and experience helped me…

    • Understand what customers wanted and didn’t want.
    • Trace the roadmap for a successful pool service business.
    • Position my services according to the requirements.
    • Find ways to stand out in the crowd.
    • Provide customer services and value that had been lacking in the industry.

    Based on this insight, my success in the industry was down to innovative pool service deals, an extremely high work ethic, and a fantastic customer service plan. 

    I know it is my turn now to give back and pass on the knowledge to those who have the passion to start their own business. I designed the pool service course to maximize the results so each participant can learn everything they need to start and then continue learning more as they grow their business and scale their services.

    If you are ready to take action, take the first step today.

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